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Monthly Archives: September 2008

You can catch the live video announcement of T-Mobile’s G1 here


Microsoft has released it’s second ad in the Seinfeld-Microsoft series with a mission to  market their PC brand and reach the en-masse. The first one makes a bit of sense but this, is an absolute nonsense. It leaves no hints about what their real objective behind their ad campaigns nor did it boast of it’s existing products.

Watch the high quality ad here

The whole world watched intently for the arrival of September 9th, but Apple/Jobs failed to deliver the killer punch this time around.

Agreed, Apple has released 4th gen iPod and Genius playlist inbuilt into iPod Touch, but nothing as astounding as the announcement of iPhone release. So, here below I list some of the key points of the yesterday’s key note.

1. 4th gen iPod release

Slimmest ever iPod, nano chromatic versions (9 different colors), genius playlist creation right within iPod

2. new ear-fit headphones for 79$.

3. iTunes 8 version!

4. iPod Touch

new UI for iPod Touch, version 2.1 firmware update (available for iPhone as well!),  Nike+iPod in built app, volume controls on the side of iPod Touch, App Store built in and couple of games for iPod Touch including EA spore and NFS Underground!

5. Steve has officially announced that number of apps downloaded from App store is… wait for it…100,000,000! yeah that’s right. And it took only 60 days to cross this land mark! Astounding huh…

6. And as always, new Ads for iPod Touch and iPod Nano!

Nothing exciting huh…yeah I know… So what do you think about this unexciting apple key note address, let me know!

How much time does it take for you to write a 50 word test message on your mobile/PDA, 5 minutes? Get over the impractical approach of typing in every single letter of the word, just move from one letter to another and Swype does the rest for you. You don’t get a thing, do you? Read over…

Swype is a text messaging windows mobile software which aims at writing text messages on touch phones as simple as Federer’s fore hand! All you have to do is, turn on the predictive input mode and move your stylus from one letter to the next letter and Swype does the rest for you. Say you want to write, ‘why type when you can Swype?’; start with w and draw a hypothetical line to the letter h and you get couple of options, choose why and click on space and starting with t, draw a line to y and to p and you get options, choose type and so on so forth! Sounds daunting, but once you get used to it, you just can’t live without it! Don’t trust me, try it!

Watch the video here on their products page.

If you are someone like me, you would want to put away your mouse for good. I agree that mouse gives you finer control over objects on the PC, but to reap that benefit, you have to grab the mouse and move it to the target location and then do the action. How I wish, the target object comes where my mouse pointer is right now. Well, I can’t do that just now, so I would rather use my keyboard and use the global shortcuts to achieve the desired action!

For copy, there is Ctrl-C; for paste there is Ctrl-V; but what do I use for opening the volume mixer control? Well, Windows OS provides you the flexibility to create your own custom global shortcuts to launch your applications. It is fairly simple process. Just follow the steps.

  1. Navigate to the folder containing the target file
  2. Right click and open properties. (you can alt-enter to open properties window, in case you want to avoid mouse! ;))
  3. Click on the shortcut option and choose your global hot key combination (shortcut, in other words!)
  4. Click OK and you are done!

Simple, isn’t it? If you don’t find this interesting, you can always choose to install the free application launcher ENSO from Humanized! (We loooovvveee free software, don’t we? :))

If you find this post useful and would like to learn more windows tips, post your comment!

Microsoft started its ads campaign with Seinfeld with a nice ad. Though, one would find it difficult to find the word ‘Microsoft’ in the entire transcript, it makes sense to start it this way for Microsoft. Unlike Apple, who out right insult Microsoft in their ads, Microsoft chose a much subtle way of doing it.

The ad starts off with Bill Gates shopping at the Shoe Circus Clown club when Seinfeld incidentally spots him there. they start off in their own style and have a chat and ends with Seinfeld asking whether Microsoft can transform the PCs into something which is smooth, soft and chewable, something like a cake and Bill Gates says ‘Yes’.

Though this has nothing more than a mere conversation between Seinfeld and Bill Gates, this gives a hint of things to come. We may see the features that Microsoft is coming up in their future releases in the next ads. Nevertheless, this is definitely not a bad way to start off with!

What do you think? Does this campaign work for MS? Let me know your views in the comments!

Well, well… It is really difficult to answer that question just now, but trust me, it is very promising, to say the least. I am not going to explain Chrome’s features and things that it did well and things it couldn’t do that well here, rather I would like to concentrate on it’s positioning in the market with the existence of IE and Firefox already!

If you are more interested in learning about their features, please go here, or here or here!

1. Extensions and Addons:

If you consider the history of how well Firefox has evolved over the years to compete with IE since it’s inception, large stake of the credit should go to open source developers who contributed largely by adding newer and innovative features to Firefox in the form of extensions. Come to think of it, all the new features that Opera and IE could up with, Firefox developers proactively copied them(it’s sad, they couldn’t come up earlier!) within the days of release! Take the example of FastDial2.0 extension which copied the fast dial feature inbuilt in the Opera browser and the much promising Ubiquity extension replicates the behavior of Accelerators integrated in IE8Beta2.

So, much of the fate of Chrome depends on whether Chromium developers integrate the concept of Extensions into Chrome so that any developer can write his/her own extension and release it to the whole world. Following the hints of a VP at Google, the idea of an extension framework for Chrome is pretty much alive! But, (there’s always a BUT!) the open source developer community is divided in it’s support to Chrome and Firefox. Some of the developer community, who call themselves, the Firefox loyalists, are considering Chrome as a potential rival of Chrome and this division might tether both Firefox and Chrome! How Chrome explains their entry into browser market while supporting Firefox will make a huge impact on the open source developer community and their support to Chrome!

2. Innovation:

Agreed, much of the features in Chrome are neither path breaking nor entirely new(excluding the concept of sandbox)! But, hold on, this is just the first public beta of the browser and you can’t ask for more than what it already gives us, more stable product than the release versions of IE and Firefox, speedier rendering with their new JavaScript engine V8, newer and more appropriate tabbed browsing experience. Should the developers focus more on path breaking innovations and simplistic approach for addon installations, Chrome might actually make a huge statement!

3. User Attention:

Majority of the browser market is being held by IE, only because of the fact that IE ships directly with Windows and the layman user would never know about anything other than that. If Chrome has to take a major claim in the browser market, it needs to capture the attention of layman users and usurp the IE’s leader position. Because, search means Google for a layman, this should not prove too difficult for the web-omniscient!

4. Android Version:

Though, Chrome could manage to gain a significant market share in PC browser market, I would want them to develop an Android version in the similar lines of Firefox Mobile and Opera mobile. Since the advent of iPhone, every other mobile manufacturer started developing PDAs and full blown browser integration to them hinted at the future prospect of full browser experience in all the coming mobiles a near reality! I would like to see Google claiming a huge market share in the mobile browser market as well as they are not too lagging in that area as compared to that of PC browser market!

Google’s marketing of this product is quite understandable considering the Firefox’s position in the techie community(They extended their support for Firefox for the next three years!). Google doesn’t want to compete with Firefox head on, but they would like to grab the market share of IE and Opera. Considering the Google’s expertise in making trivial things seem exceedingly important, they might have already driven the advantage home! With the promise Chrome has shown in their first ever public beta, it is definitely here to stay!

What do you think? Do you think Chrome will stay? Let me know your views in the comments section!