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The whole world watched intently for the arrival of September 9th, but Apple/Jobs failed to deliver the killer punch this time around.

Agreed, Apple has released 4th gen iPod and Genius playlist inbuilt into iPod Touch, but nothing as astounding as the announcement of iPhone release. So, here below I list some of the key points of the yesterday’s key note.

1. 4th gen iPod release

Slimmest ever iPod, nano chromatic versions (9 different colors), genius playlist creation right within iPod

2. new ear-fit headphones for 79$.

3. iTunes 8 version!

4. iPod Touch

new UI for iPod Touch, version 2.1 firmware update (available for iPhone as well!),  Nike+iPod in built app, volume controls on the side of iPod Touch, App Store built in and couple of games for iPod Touch including EA spore and NFS Underground!

5. Steve has officially announced that number of apps downloaded from App store is… wait for it…100,000,000! yeah that’s right. And it took only 60 days to cross this land mark! Astounding huh…

6. And as always, new Ads for iPod Touch and iPod Nano!

Nothing exciting huh…yeah I know… So what do you think about this unexciting apple key note address, let me know!


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