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How much time does it take for you to write a 50 word test message on your mobile/PDA, 5 minutes? Get over the impractical approach of typing in every single letter of the word, just move from one letter to another and Swype does the rest for you. You don’t get a thing, do you? Read over…

Swype is a text messaging windows mobile software which aims at writing text messages on touch phones as simple as Federer’s fore hand! All you have to do is, turn on the predictive input mode and move your stylus from one letter to the next letter and Swype does the rest for you. Say you want to write, ‘why type when you can Swype?’; start with w and draw a hypothetical line to the letter h and you get couple of options, choose why and click on space and starting with t, draw a line to y and to p and you get options, choose type and so on so forth! Sounds daunting, but once you get used to it, you just can’t live without it! Don’t trust me, try it!

Watch the video here on their products page.


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