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Microsoft has released it’s second ad in the Seinfeld-Microsoft series with a mission to  market their PC brand and reach the en-masse. The first one makes a bit of sense but this, is an absolute nonsense. It leaves no hints about what their real objective behind their ad campaigns nor did it boast of it’s existing products.

Watch the high quality ad here


Microsoft started its ads campaign with Seinfeld with a nice ad. Though, one would find it difficult to find the word ‘Microsoft’ in the entire transcript, it makes sense to start it this way for Microsoft. Unlike Apple, who out right insult Microsoft in their ads, Microsoft chose a much subtle way of doing it.

The ad starts off with Bill Gates shopping at the Shoe Circus Clown club when Seinfeld incidentally spots him there. they start off in their own style and have a chat and ends with Seinfeld asking whether Microsoft can transform the PCs into something which is smooth, soft and chewable, something like a cake and Bill Gates says ‘Yes’.

Though this has nothing more than a mere conversation between Seinfeld and Bill Gates, this gives a hint of things to come. We may see the features that Microsoft is coming up in their future releases in the next ads. Nevertheless, this is definitely not a bad way to start off with!

What do you think? Does this campaign work for MS? Let me know your views in the comments!