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Microsoft has released it’s second ad in the Seinfeld-Microsoft series with a mission to  market their PC brand and reach the en-masse. The first one makes a bit of sense but this, is an absolute nonsense. It leaves no hints about what their real objective behind their ad campaigns nor did it boast of it’s existing products.

Watch the high quality ad here


If you are someone like me, you would want to put away your mouse for good. I agree that mouse gives you finer control over objects on the PC, but to reap that benefit, you have to grab the mouse and move it to the target location and then do the action. How I wish, the target object comes where my mouse pointer is right now. Well, I can’t do that just now, so I would rather use my keyboard and use the global shortcuts to achieve the desired action!

For copy, there is Ctrl-C; for paste there is Ctrl-V; but what do I use for opening the volume mixer control? Well, Windows OS provides you the flexibility to create your own custom global shortcuts to launch your applications. It is fairly simple process. Just follow the steps.

  1. Navigate to the folder containing the target file
  2. Right click and open properties. (you can alt-enter to open properties window, in case you want to avoid mouse! ;))
  3. Click on the shortcut option and choose your global hot key combination (shortcut, in other words!)
  4. Click OK and you are done!

Simple, isn’t it? If you don’t find this interesting, you can always choose to install the free application launcher ENSO from Humanized! (We loooovvveee free software, don’t we? :))

If you find this post useful and would like to learn more windows tips, post your comment!